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Wine production begun in San Diego with California's first mission, Mission San Diego de Alcalá in the 1780's. The first commercial winery in the region is credited to Asher Maxcy's vineyard in Valley Center founded around 1870.

San Diego's oldest continually operating winery, founded in 1890 is the Ferrara Winery in Escondido. Ramona, Escondido, and El Cajon were all wine grape growing areas in the 1890's. Prohibition took its toll, but beginning in the 1970's San Diego growers have revived one of our oldest agricultural traditions and today you will find over 50 wineries throughout the county.

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Bernardo Winery
Established in 1889
13330 Paseo del Verano Norte, San Diego CA 92128 - Rancho Bernardo
(858) 487-1866

Deer Park Winery
29013 Champagne Blvd, Escondido, CA 92026 - Escondido
(760) 749-1666

Ferrara Winery
Established in 1932
1120 West 15th Avenue, Escondido CA 92128 - Escondido
(760) 745-7632

Schwaesdall Winery
Established in 1950s
17677 Rancho de Oro Road, Ramona CA 92128 - Ramona
(760) 789-7547

Shadow Mountain Winery
Established in 1945
34680 Highway 79, Warner Springs CA 92128 - Warner Springs
(760) 782-0778


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