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San Diego County is about the same size as some states. Visiting historic buildings, sites and cultural landscapes across this expanse (65 miles from north to south; 86 miles east to west) isn't daunting, however, when you realize many landmarks can be grouped together into day trips (or longer) by car.

It's easy to plan groupings of sites within close proximity, or in denser areas, such as downtown San Diego's Gaslamp Quarter and historic Old Town San Diego. These urban neighborhoods can easily consume at least a day and they conveniently offer cafes, coffee houses, and fine restaurants along the way. If you want to focus on a specific geographic area, time period or aspect of architecture, agriculture, urban development or Native American settlements, for example, we've got itineraries for you.

Moving eastward, you'll find foothills, mountains and deserts scattered with historic sites, parks and numerous cultural offerings like the gold mining town of Julian and Santa Ysabel. Several fascinating historic sites are more remote, like Palomar Observatory on Palomar Mountain, but definitely worth the trip.


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