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Who doesn't relish dozing off in a historic bedroom that's totally unlike one's own, or wining and dining with your loved ones in a fabled restaurant or cafe? What guest wouldn't take a stroll through an inn's colorful, period garden or select several bottles of local, award-winning wine and artisanal cheese to take home?

How about sampling San Diego's array of beers at a microbrewery housed in a historic building or savoring breakfast in an old coffee house before meandering through a busy farmers market for local produce, honey, and fresh flowers?

San Diego County offers all of these pleasures, and more. For lodging, you can choose from quarters in an elaborate Victorian mansion; a weathered, vintage beach cottage; a gleaming white Spanish Revival-style inn or a sleek, renovated mid-century modernism hotel. Restaurant fare runs the international gamut, we are known for our Mexican food being a border town and San Diego has a special flair for imaginative Pacific Rim or fusion cuisine and other healthy options, such as farm-to-table entrees, salads and desserts; and vegetarian selections.

By following your passion for history and local authenticity when you travel, you're supporting the preservation efforts of small businesses; artists, artisans and architects; and other heritage-loving people.


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