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San Diego has a significant beer heritage that began in the 19th century; by the 1940's, after prohibition, local breweries supplied 25% of the beer produced in California. The tradition was revived in the 1980's and now San Diego beers are known worldwide as the best brews in the country! Seems nothing goes better with a cold one than being surrounded by a building of unique character, much like the beers themselves.

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Acoustic Ales Brewing Experiment
Built in 1912
2120 West Washingon Street, San Diego CA 92110 - Little Italy
(619) 299-2537

Mission Brewery
Built in 1894
1441 L Street, San Diego CA 92110 - Downtown San Diego
(619) 544-0555

Stone Brewing Co. Store
Built in 1923
2215 30th Street, San Diego CA 92104 - South Park
(619) 501-3342

Stone Brewing Co. Store
Built in 1923
1202 Kettner Blvd, Suite 101, San Diego CA 92101 - Little Italy
(619) 450-4518


2476 San Diego Avenue · San Diego CA 92110 · Phone (619) 297-9327
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